The questions below are amongst those most-frequently-asked by people looking to join Hyperfund. Should, after going through them, you have questions of your own, I’d be happy to answer them. Email [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

In a number of countries, but mainly in Hong Kong, China and Australia.

They are, yes.

Primarily from its existing businesses, the tech incubation of new Blockchain projects and technologies in its ecosystem, fees and profits from its products and exchanges, investing in start-ups, listing of venture capital companies, mining of selected cryptocurrencies and launching of new tokens.

Essentially, the HyperTech Group’s distribution and marketing channel. Members of the Hypercommunity constitute the Group’s users of its products and services.

The accumulation of daily rewards which can then be redeemed, converted to digital currency and withdrawn. Or used within the system to purchase additional memberships to generate even more rewards. Rewards are given at a rate of 0.5% per day of the value of the membership purchased. Once the rewards total 50, they can be redeemed and as mentioned, converted to digital currency and withdrawn – or used to make an additional membership purchase.

By purchasing a membership, you will receive daily rewards to the tune of 0.5% per day until such time as 3x the value of your membership has been reached. At this point, your membership expires. To keep the daily rewards coming, many members choose to use the accumulated rewards to purchase additional memberships, which then also receive rewards to the tune of 0.5% per day, until 3x the value of these memberships is reached.

This will be at the discretion of management. The 3x offer may continue, and it may not and come down to, for example, 2x or 2.5x at some point. Any decisions in this regard will be communicated to members ahead of time.

No, all membership purchases must be paid in USD Tether (ECR 20 token), which works on the Ethereum Blockchain or the USD TRC 20 token, which works on the Tron Blockchain.

Whilst volatile, one could use Bitcoin to buy USD Tether on a number of platforms, of which Simpleswap and Binance are options. That said, a number of exchanges (Coinbase, being an example) now permit direct purchases of USDT from a bank account. Note that whilst there are several different stablecoins tied to the US dollar – such as USDT, USDC and GUSD – Hyperfund only accepts the USDT (Tether) token. USDT would need to be sent to the Hyperfund deposit address – by way of either USDT_TRC20 (using the Tron network) or USDT_ERC20 (using the Ethereum network). Whilst the Tron network tends to be faster and have lower fees, memberships can be paid for in either token. What is extremely important is that a member puts in the correct address when sending.

You’d need to open an account on an exchange. If you’re in South Africa, the most popular and trusted exchanges are Luno (, AltcoinTrader (, Cape Crypto ( and VALR ( On creating an account, you’ll be given your own unique Bitcoin wallet. Once you’ve uploaded the necessary documents to have your account verified, you can fund your account with your local currency and with it, purchase Bitcoin. It’s a relatively simple and straightforward process.

HU stands for “Hyper unit” and you’ll find it widely referred to once you’re a Hyperfund member. Essentially 1 HU equates to 1 USD.

No, there are two types: Passive rewards and Hyperdrive rewards. These are explained in the daily or nightly presentations. Passive rewards can be withdrawn in their entirety, whereas only 80% of Hyperdrive rewards can be withdrawn. The remaining 20% are placed into a member’s “Certified Rewards” account and can be redeemed for tokens at a pre-market value at a future date. The amount placed into your Certified Rewards account can be seen in your back office at all times.

A percentage can be used to purchase physical products in the online Mars Mall if necessary.

Accelerated rewards (Hyperdrive rewards) are given to you on building a team, or on you personally buying additional memberships. The accelerated rewards plan is explained in the daily or nightly Zoom calls, which are well worth attending.

No, there are no “commissions” paid. This is important to understand. When you introduce new members, they earn passive rewards at 0.5% per day until 3x the value of their membership has been reached. As the person introducing them, you receive 20% of their total earned, paid daily. Example: you invite someone who purchases a 1000 HU membership. That person receives 3000 pending rewards, which release at the rate of 0.5% daily, until he or she has received the full 3000HU. You receive 20% of the daily number of HU released until the expiry of the 3000HU. Put simply, one is remunerated through the receipt of “rewards”. The memberships your team members purchase benefit you in terms of accelerated rewards By introducing others, you are in essence helping accelerate your own rewards.

Benefits range from learning about Blockchain technology through the education portal to buying into new crypto tokens (pre-launch) at an up to 30% discount to benefitting from occasional airdrops to being able to order the new Hypercard cryptocurrency VISA card through the community’s HyperPay app. As the Hypercommunity grows and evolves, there will be more ways to benefit. It should be borne in mind that the community is still relatively in its infancy, and that new products and benefits will be introduced in time and made available to members.

There are videos explaining the process. Alternatively, you could email me on [email protected] and I will send you a step-by-step process showing you how to withdraw through the OKEX exchange.

Note though that you can only make withdrawals once you have accrued a minimum of 50HU. These can then be redeemed for a digital currency of your choice. Withdrawals are made in MOF (Molecular Future), which is the made-for-use cryptocurrency in the ecosystem.

You can, yes. Whenever you have a minimum of 50HU in rewards. This said, it would make more sense to withdraw periodic larger lump sums rather than small amounts.

A one-stop decentralised digital asset. Founded in 2017, it has successfully operated wealth management products for some of the largest fintech companies in China and Hong Kong and is listed on a number of the top global exchanges including OKEX, HitBTC, Bitthumb and Hoo. Molecular Future is currently building the world’s first decentralised financial derivatives exchange and is partnering Blue Ocean Pay, the largest Asian payment network, to make MOF a payment solution for more than 2 000 merchants worldwide.

Support is provided via a Telegram group and through one’s back office. Members asking questions on the Telegram group will be answered promptly, and members experiencing, for example, technical issues will be helped through their back office.

Firstly, you would need to have the telegram app on your device. Then, take a screenshot showing your Telegram username which will show on clicking “settings”. Then, take a screenshot of your Hyperfund app proving that you are indeed a member. Once you have these, send them to either your upline sponsor for forwarding to the admins (Luther or Owen on the group), or forward them to either of them directly. Note that you need to have funded your Hyperfund account before being allowed to join the group.

To prevent scammers or potential hackers from entering the group.

Anyone registering on my personal link and joining my Hyperfund team will be added to the South African Telegram support group upon either emailing or whatsapping me their name, Hyperfund username and contact details. Whatsapp +27 83 444 9888  Email [email protected]

There are Zoom call presentations Monday to Friday, with training sessions on weekends.

For a schedule, message me on whatsapp +27 83 444 9888).


Joining Hyperfund as a member could put you in the middle of one of the biggest wealth transfers the world has seen and will benefit you in a number of ways. To register an account, simply whatsapp +27 83 444 9888  or email [email protected] for a link.

NB: Should you not receive the verification code on registering, please check your junk or spam folders as it may land up there. Also try to use a gmail address in the registration process. Upon registering, be sure to remember the username and password you selected and store them in a safe place. From time to time, issues may arise in the registration process. If you receive an error message or encounter any difficulties clicking on a referral link, you may need to input the invitation code manually.

Should you be interested in joining Hyperfund and buying a Hyperfund Global membership, or should you have any questions pertaining to either, please complete the form below.

I’ll come back to you just as soon as I can.

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