My name is Gerard Kavonic, I’m resident in Johannesburg South Africa and I’ve been in cryptocurrencies for a good six years.

By the time you read this, I will be in line to be a registered crypto asset provider in South Africa allowing me not to provide financial advice, but to share my experiences in the cryptocurrency space. It’s also important to note that through Captains in Crypto, I adhere to financial regulations, standard disclaimers, KYC and AML policies.

Aside from accumulating crypto tokens I believe to have growth potential, I’m one of the first people to have joined Hyperfund in Africa.

The HyperCommunity

Joining Hyperfund could well be THE most rewarding thing you ever do.

If you’re looking for an online business opportunity, but considerably more than just another online business opportunity, you’ll want to read on.

For the HyperTech Group’s Hyperfund is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Being part of the Hypertech Group’s Hypercommunity (soon to be the world’s strongest Blockchain alliance), Hyperfund is attracting considerable interest globally – and with good reason.

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Ryan Xu

The founder of the HyperTech Group, Ryan Xu is the majority shareholder of five Australian and NASDAQ listed Blockchain tech companies, the founder of Collinstar Capital (one of the world’s largest blockchain venture capital firms), the co-founder of the world’s first non-profit Blockchain knowledge hub, Blockchain Centre, and an angel investor in not only the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange – Binance – and, but a number of the most successful cryptocurrencies.

Sam Lee

Chairman of the HyperTech Group, Sam Lee is the founder and CEO of Blockchain Global, co-founder of Blockchain Centre and a frequent guest and Blockchain commentator on, for example,

CNN, Bloomberg, BBC and Forbes.

He is also a sought-after guest and keynote speaker, having spoken at the United Nations and World Economic Forum summits.

Jayden Wei​

CEO of the HyperTech Group, Jayden Wei is – besides being Executive Director of Collinstar Capital, CEO of Molecular Future and co-founder of HyperDAO – an experienced Fund Manager skilled in Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Corporate Finance, and Corporate Advisory services.

Kris Kay

Chief Strategy Officer of the HyperTech Group, Kris Kay is amongst other things, Vice President of the Young Entrepreneur’s Association of Singapore, the World Economic Forum’s Davos Conference Youth Representative and Singapore’s Outstanding Youth Representative.


Numbers Speak

Million members in time
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Of token and other discounted offerings to members in the years ahead

About Me

Aside from running South Africa’s smallest ad agency, Kavonic Hone – see – Gerard has been in the cryptocurrency space for 6 years and is an active and independent member of the Hypertech Group’s Hyperfund, resident in Johannesburg South Africa. He is in the process of being registered as a registered crypto asset provider in South Africa, allowing him not to provide financial advice, but to share his experiences in the cryptocurrency space. He is contactable on +27 83 444 9888, on [email protected] and on skype address gerardkavonic. Anyone wanting information on the daily Hyperfund webinars or weekend training sessions is welcome to whatsapp him on +27 83 444 9888 and anyone looking to join Hyperfund can email him on the aforementioned address. As with all things crypto, it is hugely important to do a thorough due diligence before parting with one’s money and to be aware of any and all risks inherent: especially with cryptocurrencies being volatile and by their very nature, high risk.

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