5 excellent ways to make the most of your Bitcoin or other digital assets.

In my opinion, anyway.

① Blue Asset.
② Super.One.
③ OMC.
④ Finvest Wealth Group.
⑤ Yield Nodes.

My name is Gerard Kavonic and I’ve been in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space for a good six years. I’m resident in Johannesburg South Africa, am a great believer in Bitcoin and digital assets and believe that the only thing better than having Bitcoin and other digital assets is accumulating them; for the simple reason that one can never have enough. When I entered the cryptocurrency space in 2015, the price of one Bitcoin was $550. Today, one Bitcoin will cost you in the region of $30 000 (possibly more or less by the time you read this). Tomorrow? No-one can say with any degree of certainty, although predictions range from $60 000 and $80 000 and more. According to the chartists and crypto-analysts I follow, the years ahead look to be positive for Bitcoin and the other leading crypto assets (Ethereum and Solana being examples) for the following reasons: greater institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies generally, the likely introduction of regulatory oversight from a growing number of countries and, in the case of Bitcoin, the fact that there can only ever be 21 million in circulation. This is not to say that the price of bitcoin will go up in a straight line. It won’t. Bitcoin is volatile and always will be. Steep increases may well be followed by dramatic falls. Despite the risks in the crypto space (and risks there are for sure), I’m excited by what the future holds. What’s important is that anyone new in cryptocurrencies, or anyone wanting to get into cryptocurrencies, needs to go into the space with their eyes wide open – simply because there are many scams out there, and many dubious operators who would be only too happy to relieve you of your hard-earned assets, given half a chance. This is not to “run for the hills” out of fear, but to do as thorough a due diligence as you can before joining any crypto business or platform. It is hugely important to ask the hard questions before parting with any funds. Going into a crypto business opportunity not armed with the facts, and lacking in knowledge, is quite simply, never a good idea. And yet, lured by the prospect of mouthwatering returns, many do so. That said, not everything in the crypto space is a scam and not everything should be “red flagged”. Truth is, there are a good number of really good cryptocurrency opportunities available (in my opinion) and I share them on this website.

About ME

Gerard Kavonic

Gerard Kavonic is resident in Johannesburg and following a 31 year career in advertising, running his own small ad agency, Kavonic Hone – see www.kavonichone.co.za – has been in the cryptocurrency space for 6 years. He is in the process of being registered as a registered crypto asset provider in South Africa, allowing him not to provide financial advice, but to share his experiences in the cryptocurrency space. He is contactable on +27 83 444 9888 and on [email protected] and [email protected]

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